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What is cc/cv? what does this mean?

Constant current/Constant voltage..... This is refering to a type of welding powersource.

CC A welding machine with adjustable amperage (current). This machine has no voltage adjustment. (stick or tig)

CV: A welding machine with adjustable voltage (mig). This machine has no current adjustment, this is controlled by the volume of wire being fed, i.e. wirespeed and diameter.

CC/CV: A welding machine that can do both

Why are there so many types of stick electrodes? Is there one that can do almost everything?

Electrodes have different flux types, that is the coating on the outside of the bare rod. The fluxes are a mix of raw elements, a bit like a recipe for a type of cake. By changing the amount and type of ingredients in the flux recipe, it will change the characteristics of the way the electrode performs,and importantly the weld metal chemical composition.

For example: Weldwell 28 rutile flux, easy to start, very forgiving, smooth running. Weldwell 31a cellulose flux, deep penetrating, rough finish, not suitable for high cosmetic finish but extremely suitable for pipework and rusty onsite bargework.

There is no electrode that is perfect for every application, to narrow it down to just a few for mild and low alloy steel applications, Weldwell 48A, 31A, 77, C6H would be my pick.

It is important to recognise that there are a range of metals and alloys and the electrode used to weld these must match or correspond to the base metal.

What does SMAW, GMAW, GTAW mean?

SMAW.......Shielded metal arc welding   Stick welding

GMAW.......Gas metal arc welding Mig welding

GTAW.......Gas tungsten arc welding Tig welding